PRIA Services

Artist Intake Coaching Session

❊ social media audit
❊ intake survey
❊ introductory strategy session

❊❊❊❊ Part of on-boarding new clients❊❊❊❊



Mindful Music Branding

❊ exclusive mindful brand visioning process
❊ artist-specific fanbase and music market analysis
❊ authentic brand story development

❊ bio, one sheet and EPK creation
❊ written Brand Guide document, which includes: vision statement, brand positioning statement, value proposition, differentiators/keywords, style guide and creative content recommendations


“Our time working with Pria Marketing has proven one of the most fruitful steps we have taken both as artists & business owners. In our 11+ years of working in the music industry, we have yet to collaborate with someone as passionate, invested, and as down to earth as Kara. Not only have we developed a clear concise brand and game plan, but we have also seen the results. Within three months we developed a strategy, learned about tips, and the steps it took to implement them and relaunched with a whole new brand. The results were almost instant. From everything to an increase in our back-end numbers, insights, and engagement to the inner structure of how we plan and release content, our time with PRIA Marketing streamlined everything and set a whole new caliber for our band. We greatly recommend to anyone who is looking to level up to take that next step and take it with PRIA Marketing.

– Sarah & Taylor of This Way to the EGRESS

Authentic Fanbase Development

❊ strategies to apply mindful brand vision in a way that resonates with your fanbase
❊ daily roadmap for content creation using mindful systems
❊ creative content brainstorming framework
❊ thoughtful fanbase cultivation and revenue diversification tactics
❊ proven industry marketing tools and standards that engage with fans organically and authentically
❊ intentional booking strategies 
❊ out of the box thinking that helps bands and brands rise above the noise

❊ 4 coaching sessions
❊ written plan that includes creative content & variety generation, asset gathering and creation, social ad strategies, guerilla marketing, social media & email plan, booking and video framework.


Music Release Plan

❊ music release content, marketing and distribution plan, including schedule, assets and copy
❊ pre-release and post-release content and marketing plan
❊ merch plan and budget/projections
❊ ad strategy and budget
❊ one sheet creation
❊ marketing asset list curation

❊ written Music Release Marketing Plan
❊ multiple coaching sessions to gather information for the plan (amount undetermined but no more than 5) and a delivery coaching session when the plan has been created


“I’ve been working with PRIA for a while now and have seen amazing results! Any body looking to take their music marketing to the next level should contact them. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Mikey Sweet

Music Release Implementation

❊ music release campaign strategy implementation, including social media and email marketing curation, scheduling, and development
❊ implementation of the ad strategy (ad budget not included)
❊ help with asset gathering, including procuring industry services such as photographers, etc.
❊ video narrative and strategy curation, production outline and procurement


“Being a DIY musician trying to get original music heard isn’t an easy gig.  There are a lot of roles you have to step into, and more time management than most are capable of.  You need efficient, working systems in place to build your band biz and hone in your unique brand.  Kara has shown me how to build and put those efficient systems to practical use.  She has an ingenious ability to analyze data and come up with unique promo campaigns based around it, write amazing bios, and overall guide your brand to a focused point.  With PRIA Marketing I finally feel like I have sight of that elusive path to take my band to the level of my desire.”

-Mike Moore of Fire in the Field

Local Publicity Implementation

❊ press release creation
❊ multiple rounds of pitching your press release to local radio, websites, news outlets and blogs
❊ pitching the music release to local industry professionals


National Publicity & Playlist Implementation

❊ We will push the release to relevant national music blogs, publications, radio and playlist placement opportunities.
Playlist pitching through submission platforms

❊ press release creation
❊ multiple rounds of pitching your press release to national radio, websites, news outlets and blogs
❊ pitching the music release to national industry professionals
❊ playlist pitching through submission platforms


❊❊❊❊ BOTH local and national publicity❊❊❊❊ 


“Over the course of a couple of hours Kara showed me, step by step, how to get the most out of my website and other online platforms.  I could have been fumbling in the digital attic for years and not even come close.  Money and time very well spent.”

-Zak Trojano