Hi, I’m Kara Kharmah

Founder of PRIA Marketing

My passion at PRIA is to empower creators to align with their intentions and manifest their creative vision.  Leveraging the power of Mindful Branding, I coach clients on how to brand and promote in a way that grows their sense of connection, wellbeing and abundance.  The practice of Mindful Branding fosters a truly authentic connection between you and your audience. It promotes a sense of wellbeing, fulfillment, balance and purpose by aligning your vision and your values. And when you run and market your creative business mindfully, you will see its tangible impact on marketing engagement and, ultimately, your bottom line. 


With a focus on the practice of Mindful Branding, I coach clients to identify their true intentions, find their authentic voice, embody their creative vision, and get sustainable results.

About Kara

Early on

After earning an MBA at the Isenberg School of Management, I at first consulted in marketing and branding for small businesses, when I happily fell into singing back-up in a local blues band.  And thus, a love of music marketing began!  I subsequently left the small business world to dive head first into the music biz.

In 2014, I joined the team at national booking agency Simon Says Booking, where I headed the Publicity, Marketing and Venue Department, working over the years with such diverse artists as Freekbass, Max Creek, The Alchemystics, John Kadlecik,  The Chameleon Project, Roots of Creation, Dr. Slothclaw, and the Joe Marcinek Band, among others, also managing the internationally touring freak folk band Bella’s Bartok.

In 2017, I founded PRIA Marketing with a passion for empowering DIY bands and musicians to manifest their creative vision.  Some current and recent clients include The Pinkerton Raid, Bella’s Bartok, This Way To The Egress, Fire in the Field, Old Flame, Mamma’s Marmalade, Workman Song, and Cousin Earth, among others. During the heat of the COVID days, I co-founded the livestreaming co-op and virtual venue CouchMusic.Live, where I continued in my mission to find ways to help musicians get their music out to the world. Most recently, I am working with the Easthampton, MA venue The Marigold Theater as their Marketing Manager and booking assistant.


I do things differently. The practice of mindfulness has taken me on a personal and professional journey, and has changed the way I do business, for the better!

While for the last 10+ years I have worked with tons of bands to help them find their authentic voice, I have come to realize my method was a mindful one. A mindful path for both myself and my clients. I have reworked my program to fit this attitude of grounded presence to even better results.

Currently, I am working on a new work: a book I call “Marketing With Intention: The Mindful Branding Journal and Workbook”. I am in the mid stages of development, and I invite you to be a part of its development. Reach out if you would like to be a part of my case studies as I build evidence-based proof of its effectiveness in growing your connection with your audience, sense of wellbeing, and real world abundance.

The PRIA Difference

Goodbye cookie-cutter solutions

You are unique, so why would another creator’s plan be right for you? At PRIA, coaching is inherently individualized. These are not one-size-fits-all strategies. On the contrary, we put an emphasis on diving deep into the essence of your brand, your mission and, ultimately, why people should bother listening to you.

Focus on what makes an impact

You’ve probably noticed there’s about a million different directions you could be going in to market yourself. We help you focus your efforts on what makes the most out of your limited time and resources.

Dedication to clients’ Goals

With concern for our clients’ success and the value we provide them, we join with our clients in their journey to make an impact through the act of creation. Even after coaching sessions are completed, we take the time to follow-up and ensure that you get the most out of our work together.

Organizing chaos and limiting overwhelm

One of the keys to success is consistent systems. We help clients create and implement the systems that work for them. These not only lessen feelings of overwhelm, but are proven to increase the effectiveness of any marketing efforts.

Select Clients

Bella’s Bartok

Best Not Broken

Britt Koff


Cousin Earth

Eric Lee

Fire in the Field

FrannyO Show

Goose Exquisite Thrift

Laura Vecchione

Mamma’s Marmalade

Matt Byrde

Marigold Theater

Montague Village Store

Old Flame

People Like You

Progression Brewing Company

Roots Renegade


The Breast Archives

The Feldons

The Franny O Show

The Medicinal Purpose

The Pinkerton Raid

The Root Cellar

The Stone Church (NH)

This Way To The Egress

Workman Song

What People Are Saying

“Our time working with Pria Marketing has proven one of the most fruitful steps we have taken both as artists & business owners. In our 11+ years of working in the music industry, we have yet to collaborate with someone as passionate, invested, and as down to earth as Kara. Not only have we developed a clear concise brand and game plan, but we have also seen the results. Within three months we developed a strategy, learned about tips, and the steps it took to implement them and relaunched with a whole new brand. The results were almost instant. From everything to an increase in our back-end numbers, insights, and engagement to the inner structure of how we plan and release content, our time with PRIA Marketing streamlined everything and set a whole new caliber for our band. We greatly recommend to anyone who is looking to level up to take that next step and take it with PRIA Marketing.” 

– Sarah & Taylor of This Way to the EGRESS

“Over the course of a couple of hours Kara showed me, step by step, how to get the most out of my website and other online platforms.  I could have been fumbling in the digital attic for years and not even come close.  Money and time very well spent.”

-Zak Trojano

“Being a DIY musician trying to get original music heard isn’t an easy gig.  There are a lot of roles you have to step into, and more time management than most are capable of.  You need efficient, working systems in place to build your band biz and hone in your unique brand.  Kara has shown me how to build and put those efficient systems to practical use.  She has an ingenious ability to analyze data and come up with unique promo campaigns based around it, write amazing bios, and overall guide your brand to a focused point.  With PRIA Marketing I finally feel like I have sight of that elusive path to take my band to the level of my desire.”

-Mike Moore of Fire in the Field

“I’ve been working with PRIA for a while now and have seen amazing results! Any body looking to take their music marketing to the next level should contact her. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Mikey Sweet