Bottomline- we’re here to get your music heard.  We provide you with the Tools, Mindset and Support you need to be a self-sufficient independent musician so you can stop feeling like you’re just throwing sh*t against the wall. 

There are tons of talented musicians out there, so it’s essential that you have a plan for success.  Now, don’t run blindly to that 4k publicist. Not before you’ve done your homework and figured out your brand story and engagement plan, that is. 

PRIA is ever evolving to meet the needs of today’s independent musicians. With a team of seasoned industry professionals, we provide comprehensive support to help artists build their careers and grow their fanbase. 

Since 2017, PRIA has a proven track record of success with DIY musicians. We’ve identified a significant gap in the resources available for artists to thrive in the current music industry climate. Our team, with over 25 years of experience in booking, managing, publicity, branding, and marketing for national and local musicians, is ready to help you grow your music career.