It’s time. No more feeling stuck and going nowhere fast. PRIA’s mission is to provide you, the independent musician, with the tools, mindset, and support you need to thrive as the creative entrepreneur you are. Let’s go!

what makes PRIA unique?

So what makes PRIA different from all the other music marketers out there? Well, we don’t focus solely on the tactics- tho that IS a core expertise- PRIA is more than that.  We are at our essence a different kind of music business. We are passionate about empowering independent musicians to embody their roles as the music entrepreneurs and business-builders of the future.

We have a big picture perspective on the development of your music career, from end to end.  We provide clients with the essential Tools needed to succeed in the new music business. But then we go further. We recognize that building a fanbase is not just about the know-how, so we also emphasize the kind of positive, mindful Mindset that is necessary to create authentic connections with fans, limit overwhelm in business and increase daily focus. Finally, we give clients the individualized Support they need to manifest their goals and intentions.


music marketing

artist development

mindful branding

venue promotion

– Build an engaged fanbase

– Make a sustainable living with your music

– Create an album release strategy that works

– Book more and better gigs

– Market your music so it gets noticed

– Craft an authentic brand story