Hello. My name is Kara and I am the founder of PRIA Marketing.  It is my passion to help musicians and creatives grow by mindfully communicating who they are through their marketing and promotion.  I help you self-actualize and find your voice, reaching your true audience in an authentic way, growing your business organically and ethically.  I love what I do because it’s personal and it’s real. It’s a spiritual journey that is grounded in my mission to teach the value and importance of mindfulness in every aspect of life and business. I teach through my personal journey and example.  I have come full circle and I lead by example. My personal story inspires and excites my clients to be their best selves.

Working with me, you learn how to create content that resonates with your audience by aligning with your intentions. This, in turn, builds your fanbase exponentially. It’s exciting to watch!  Being mindfully present empowers you to embody your creative vision, FINALLY!

This work never ceases to excite me. It grounds me.  It makes me feel empowered and balanced, purposeful and connected.  It materially impacts my clients by giving them a way to promote  their creative work without selling out and without overwhelm – to be their true selves and to reach the audience that really resonates with their authentic selves. It also has the practical benefit of growing their bottom line, which time and again shows itself in all the stats. 

My message of mindfulness and balance makes an impact through my example and my personal mindfulness journey in that it shows that anyone can overcome obstacles through perseverance and grounded mindful practice. IT CAN BE DONE!

What are my core values?

Balance. Love. The power of positive energy. Compassion. 

Why, you ask? 

Because business just works better when you are a human being. People connect with humans, not bots.

My Dream is to show you that things can be done differently, authentically, organically. That you can be your true self and still succeed. Indeed, you can have even more success by being yourself. By tapping into your inner voice, by being present with yourself, you can do anything. My Dream is to bring this message to the masses by fostering community, compassion and self-love.  

So often creatives don’t know how to reach their audience in a way that resonates with their fans and grows their music business. The answer is to go deep and be present with yourself in a curious and non-judgemental manner, to mindfully discover your message and how it connects to your fans emotions and desires.

Myself, I’m on a journey of self-discovery that I want to share with the world, especially creatives and musicians. Music moves me and touches my soul. It’s universal. I want to give you the tools you need to rise above the noise and touch your audience with your marketing the same way your music moves people (when it actually gets heard). I want to help you stop being overwhelmed and disgusted by “marketing”. I want you to enjoy your community of fans. I want you to be surrounded by like-minded love.  Indeed, enveloped by it, because you were able to connect on a deeper level. Everyone deserves that. 

Art is an expression of the soul.  Marketing doesn’t have to be soulless.  It can be an expression of the soul as well- but only if you are mindful about it! It is my job to show you the path!